It’s not that simple…


 [In reply to question whether 70s concerts could be made available on DVD – see LETTERS]

It’s not that simple.

I suppose it would be fine if we just shoved the contents of an old VHS video on a DVD, but everybody would immediately complain about the lack of quality.

Instead, our guys regard each possible new DVD as a challenge … and they spend many months on each one, researching the best undiscovered sources, compiling, repairing, restoring – sound and vision – and the result is always something very special.

Currently Budapest is nearly finished, but the Rainbow concerts are in the works too. I don’t know what you mean by ‘second time’ for the Budapest show … it’s certainly never been officially on DVD before, because we had to buy the rights and buy the actually film in order to make this DVD.

The simple answer is … we can only do so much.

But thanks for asking. We also think some of the early concerts are interesting to reclaim.