National Stereoscopic Association Convention – My NSA night


Thanks to John Dennis, venerable editor of Stereo World – here I am delivering a short talk to introduce my documentary history of 3-D – which the British Sky 3-D channel has been showing for a while now. We showed it in its raw form – with bumpers and gaps for the adverts – at the NSA convention, (with a bit of an apology from me!) and I think it went well. Of course this audience of 3-D experts is a very stringent test. If I can get it past them, it ought to be fine!

I had a great time with the people of the NSA – many of then I have known for 30 years or more. And next year we hope (me and Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming) to present our new book “Diableries” to the conference. We also sold a lot of sets of my new QUEEN stereo cards! About to be on sale on

As JD would say … yours in depth.


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Bri and Ray Zone
The discussion with Ray Zone
Thumbs up
A thumbs-up after my talking!
Photo: courtesy of Stephanie Ann Blythe