Lap Of The Gods – Tempo question


[Asked about how tempos achieved in Lap of the Gods… SEE LETTERS]

Well, that was in analogue days, Peter.   In some ways it was easier.  What you could do was just speed up or slow down the multitrack tape in ‘record’, and sing along ….  Then when the tape was replayed, everything was naturally in time and in tune.  

We also turned the tape over so everything played backwards, and the same thing applied … that’s how I did the guitars on ‘My Fairy King” – and we’re talking very early days there.  I actually used to take the backwards version home on a cassette recorder so I could learn it backwards, then come into the studio and play over it with confidence.  

You CAN do all this now in the digital domain … but its complicated, and somehow the physicality is not quite the same !   I definitely miss analogue tape.