Liverpool John Moores University


Today was my last appearance as Chancellor of the University, presenting degrees. I’ve really enjoyed the experience, with an amazing team at LJMU. I’ll be returning in the next session of ceremonies to hand over to my successor – yet to be named.

Thanks to everyone who made my term of office a joy. Here we are in Liverpool Cathedral today.

Bri and Beth Tweedle
Chancellor Bri confers honorary degree on Olympic phenomenon Beth Tweddle. Photo: Sara Bricusse.

Chancellor Dr Brian May

Chancellor Dr Brian May

LJMU Group

Congratulations to all you young Men and Women who graduated today at Liverpool John Moores University. A privilege to shake your hands. I am back in rainy London now. It’s a confusing world. These days I seem to be loved (thanks !) and hated.

I got a few hugs and kisses ! Incredible how much can transmit from one human being to another in one handshake.

That was my last ceremony as Chancellor – my thanks to all at Liverpool John Moores for a great 5-year experience. Keep on Dreamin’ !

Yes, I will miss being Chancellor. But I extended my term from 3 years to 5. Twas a good run. Time to let someone else in.

You guys have all been great. I will be back in Summer to hand over Chancellorship. … my love to all.