Saturday Daily Telegraph


I spent a significant part of yesterday (Friday) battling with someone at the Torygraph over their editing of a piece I am supposed to have contributed to their paper for publication today – Saturday. At 7.15pm it was still not agreed. So I have no idea whether it will be in there or not … and if it is, how close it will be to what I actually wrote. Well, let’s see. It seemed like another chance to explain the case for vaccination rather than culling of badgers, but I think it will come across more as a reply to that article in the Sunday Times which accused me of ‘hypocrisy’ over culling. I’ll publish what I really want to say on these pages tomorrow anyway. The ST article seems to have been quite a well-planned stitch-up – a calculated attempt to undermine me, and Team Badger, and for all I know, it may still be going on. We shall see. The facts they ‘revealed’ actually could have been put under the headline “Brian May stops culling of deer in forest land in Dorset for the first time in many decades”, for that is what happened … but of course there was a negative spin put on it. Well, that’s one of the sentences the Telegraph wanted to take out of my new article today! Like I said, we shall see!