These are probably the bravest men I have ever met


Brian and servicemen

Returning home from a trip to Norway [holiday], I bumped into these amazing guys. Veterans of the war in Afghanistan, these men are all scarred, yet face life in a way which can inspire us all. The chap in front – Ben – lost both his legs as a result of the combat, but jokes about having loads of spare pairs of socks. The chap with his arm around Anita lost his sight and part of his hearing, yet joked with me, asking if I still had any hair, and what colour it was. The whole bunch of guys – supporting each other – have just trekked across Northern Norway in -23 degrees weather to raise money for amputees. You can support them. Check out them out here …

Care for Amputees.

Guys … You are the greatest inspiration … I was so lucky to meet ya. Some things are meant to be.