Diableries cards?


[In answer to question if publication of book would mean no more Diableries cards? SEE LETTERS:]

Ah ! Good question, Phil.

No ! We are not stopping the cards. In fact the next set of Diableries is nearly ready, along with the second box of Astro cards.

We are learning all the time, and improving on quality.

The boxed sets of Diableries are restored in a different way from the ones in the book. The illustrations in the book are a slightly idealised version of the way the card would have looked in the first place, in the 1860s, as close as we can get. but the cards are re-cropped and optimised, and mounted in a way which makes them as comfortable to view in the OWL as possible, including new surrounds. AND the cards have our patent FOIL EYES ! ! !

Cheers !


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