Save The Badger Badger Badger


I gotta say a public THANK YOU to Weebl, Esq, otherwise known as Jonti, for the creation of this fabulous track and even more fabulous video. It seems to be taking the Internet by storm, and keeps a little bit of lightness in there amongst all the angst in the war to save Britain’s native badger families from massacre this Summer. I have to emphasise – we have NOT won this battle to stop the ‘Pilot’ culls. Exactly why Cameron and Paterson are still clinging to this awful scheme is hard to figure, in the face of the whole scientific community, public opinion, the vote of Parliament last year, and any kind of sense of moral responsibility.

Of course, they ultimately hold all the trump cards, while they are in office, since our democracy seems now to amount, in a sense, to electing a new dictatorship at every general election. But of course they will not be in office forever. The prospect of this government and the NFU going ahead with the bloody cull is very real, and very sad. All we will see is farmers still wrestling with an insoluble problem, for at least 10 years into the future. No change, there, except they will now have to deal, in addition, with everybody hating them for their stubbornness and cruelty. And the option of help with badger AND cow vaccination is right there on the table from us – Team Badger. Yet apparently they are not interested. Video clips like this will help to ensure that the gaze of the whole nation is on Owen Paterson as that first shot is fired on an innocent badger. I wonder if there will be a photo-call for that moment. Will we see him there, with a triumphant grin on his face for the cameras? Ooh – can’t wait.

Save The Badger Badger Badger

Meanwhile … enjoy spreading this video, downloading the track, and … spreading the word ! And … for sure, we shall win in the end. Because what they are doing is WRONG, and we are right. Some things ARE black and white.