Tesco ad – Queen song


 Thanks Matthew. This is all news to me and I will think about it very seriously. To be honest I don’t always personally check on every license granted to use our material – we have guidelines, but it looks like we need to revise these guidelines in the light of what this episode has taught us.

I am listening – and learning!

All the very best


Matthew Smith wrote:

Hi Brian,

I am very supportive of your campaign to stop the badger cull and if we keep up the pressure I hope we can be successful. I am, however, disappointed that you have allowed Tesco to use Queen songs in their adverts. Tesco has probably single-handedly decimated the livelihoods of our Farmer’s by driving down the prices they pay for their produce. This has probably indirectly influenced many farmer’s opinion of badgers who now seem to blame badgers for all their woes. Furthermore Tesco has played a major part in the downfall of our town and village centres by driving independent shops out of business and in doing so depriving us of any choice in where we buy things. I am not sure if you have any control over who can use Queen songs but I hope you will reconsider allowing companies like Tesco to use them in future.

Best wishes

Matthew Smith

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