Response to Gorillagate


[In reply to a mail from a fan in Norwich area See LETTERS]

Thanks Annabel.

I’m sure we have not heard the end of this little escapade. As you say, a close look at the Freddie Gorilla doesn’t inspire confidence. The Freddie Lion was done with great respect and obviously was a labour of love. On the other hand, it’s hard to look at that Gorilla and not think that, in this case, someone was trying to ‘take the piss’ ! So, in my humble opinion, it was fitting that someone blew the whistle. But I would be surprised if there were not other little sub-plots lurking around.

We shall see. But thanks for your vote !

Cheers !



[Replying to another on the subject – See LETTERS]

Nich, honestly, I’m very bored with this subject now.

This was not in any way my decision. All I did was try to find out what really had happened, because I had been asked.

I have done that, and I’ve also given my opinion, as you saw, but that is all it is – an opinion. I’m certainly not going to try to tell Freddie’s estate what to do, and I suggest you don’t either – it’s none of our business – either of us.

From the responses I have had, I think it’s fair to say that the ‘silent majority’ seem to agree with my analysis, and that the paint job was opportunistic and in bad taste.

I’m not interested in getting into any more discussions on this topic.

All the best