Parallel-view stereo into cross-eyed


 [Brian was asked if just swapping over images would create a successful cross-eyed stereo view – see LETTERS]

Ah yes, exactly…

Just swapping the two images over will change the pair from a parallel-view stereo into a cross-eyed view stereo.

And vice versa !

I guess I ought to give in and put every stereo up for both views ! I tend to just publish things the way they would be if it were a stereo card. But actually, in a quick poll I did a couple of years ago on the Soapbox, it seemed that more people free-view cross-eyed than parallel ! My Friend Maki Ubukata in Japan usually publishes cross-eyed versions of my stereos on her site which is to be found at …

Good luck with the Requiem. Is it for comet ISON ?!