Bri in life-size lenticular 3-D. Scary


Meanwhile in a photo studio in Shoreditch (Wednesday) – 5 February

I was being photographed in 3-D for a life-size Lenticular display … well, how often does that happen ?

This is me with the amazing rig that Martin Hausler has made for the purpose … it’s unique, as far as I know. Instead of an array of lenses in a line, he has just three, and a depth mapper on top. How does it work ? I really can’t tell you ‘cos I don’t yet understand it … but all I can tell you is … it works !

Life size Bri
Life-size Bri – Photo by Richard Gray

and … yes, I know … this ought to be a stereo photo ! Well, in time, maybe I will have one …

Yours in depth, always …