More about Astrofest !!

Bri at Astrofest
Bri at Astrofest

Well, who did we miss most ? Patrick’s presence is still very strong. And I signed a lot of these great Yearbooks, part of his continuing legacy. I wrote one of the forewords to this edition.

And what was I advertising ? Well the second STARMUS event – to take place this coming September. Here’s me speaking at the last one. But I was a minor event compared with the majority of the speakers …. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alexei Leonov … and so many more … names that were just legends to me until I spent that magical week with them in Tenerife at the very first Starmus.

If you love astronomy, I’d recommend giving it a shot once in your life. I will be there …

Bri speaking at Starmus 2011
Speaking at Starmus 2011

And – yes – this was of the most memorable moments in my life, sharing thoughts with the first human being to stand on the Earth’s Moon. What an inspiring man he was – completely human, humble, open-minded, wise, kind … the best kind of human being.

Brian and Jim Lovell - Starmus 2011
Chatting with Neil Armstrong – Starmus 2011

OK … have I whetted your appetite yet ?

Here’s the link to the Starmus Website. M

ore and more speakers will be announced in the next few weeks. We have some big guns !!

Spacially Yours