Cats and TB, and more lies about badgers


This is a very cheap and quite laughable shot from Owen Paterson. I’m actually shocked that even he could decend to such desperate depths to try to justify his shambles of a failed badger cull. But as we have seen, he is not the brightest button on the blazer.

Let’s be really clear about cats and TB. That report, originating in the MAIL, was highly sensationalised, and we will have much more to say soon about the truth of the situation. Briefly, it now seems that the bites on the cats were probably from rats – nothing to do with badgers whatsoever. But if this cobbled-together story DOES turn out to have any truth, and there IS a danger to Humans via their domestic pets, make no mistake – the blame will sit firmly with this Government, who, by making a pitiful mess of tackling bovine TB, have allowed things to get out of hand. If there is a real danger, the ONLY sane course of action will be vaccination, not just of badgers and now of our domestic animals, but also, of course, of the source of the outbreak … cattle.

This Government is failing us all, every minute that it continues with its (in the IEP’s own words) ineffective and inhumane cull.