A misquote but I stand by it !!


 [Response to The Independent who referred to Brian’s recent Interview with London Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 1 May 2014, when asked about the Freddie Mercury Biopic – READ HERE]…

Ha ha ! Whoever she is, she’s right ! I think it was a misquote, but I stand by it !!

After all, 98 per cent of all quoted statistics are made up on the spot …


– Independent Voices by Ellen E Jones
4 May 2014
Percentage point

For the estimated 112 per cent of Britons who don’t understand percentages, Brian May‘s statement this week made perfect sense. He would like the forthcoming Freddie Mercury film to be “one million per cent truthful”. Alas, the question of whether Hollywood biopics can ever deliver objective truth, remains one billion trillion per cent unsettled.


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