This and that…


We had our first QUEEN rehearsal day with Adam Lambert today [29 May]. YAY ! So, dear USA folks, what would you like to see Queen + Adam play on this tour ? You lovely Nippon-jin too ! And calling cool Ozzies ! … AND CANADIAN FOLKS !!! We will be seeing a LOT of you in the coming weeks. We’re putting some serious work in.

Well, all I can say so far is … if you want to be ready, get your EARLY Queen albums out ! (among others !) You guys sending great song ideas. Thanks ! I’m listening ! Adam is also full of great ideas … this tour will be a little different. And Adam is in crackin’ form ! What a voice !!! What a bloke !!!

John is always invited, but he prefers not to be directly involved.

And Roger and I WILL be joining our magnificent WWRY cast and band for the last two shows in the Dominion this Saturday. A sad but proud day.


PS Love this ! Enchanting little chap singing Beatles with his Dad ! Had to share ...

Don’t Let Me Down – The Beatles, por Diogo Mello (1 ano e 11 meses)