I love towers !!!


OK – I always did love towers. This one is an antique: the Calgary Tower, completed in 1968. Still works !

Here it is, viewed from the bottom this afternoon.



CalgaryI used the 3D Camera app on the iPhone, taking the left and right images one after the other, with a separation between the camera positions of about 20 feet. I also did a quick bit of post-production in Photoshop, to fine-tune the alignment, etc. It’s not perfect, but I have a show to do !)

There is so much info in a sequential stereo view ! You can see how the cars are moving … and the clouds make a whole stereo landscape of their own, because they too have moved between the exposures. The ‘hyper’ ness of the 3-D makes the buildings stand out nicely, as if we were looking at a model village in close-up. For some reason this never gets old for me. Hope you enjoy.

By the way … dear folks of Calgary … see ya tonight ! We shall deliver the promise !



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