One down !!!


Well folks – that wasn’t really a tour date – and of course it was on a small set thrown together for TV – But I felt it was a good toe in the water – and well done by the team I thought. So ! Onwards ! Chicago here we come !

So glad you all like Love Kills – I was hoping you would – both Freddie and Adam kill on this song ! ( wait and see !!)

Lots more to say on the way.

iHeart Radio Theatre LA Auditorium - 01

Thanks iHeart !

Bri X

iHeart Radio Theatre LA Auditorium - 02

PS Feel well proud.

Queen + Adam Lambert – Love Kills live at the iHeartRadio theatre HD (16th June, 2014)

Bonni Moschetti wrote: Did you expect such an overwhelming response to Love Kills?

Well. In a way yes I had a strong feeling, but I’m well pleased.

Great memories were made tonight. Happy grateful and bless’d. This is the image I will take away – thanks !

iHeart Auditorium 03