A new Minister of the Environment. A new hope ?


Liz Truss

We will be hoping to forge a good working relationship with Liz Truss, Mr Paterson’s successor as Secretary of State for the Environment. It would be great if we can all take this opportunity to make an entirely new start. Uniting both sides of the badger dispute, to work together, is the only hope of defeating our common enemy: bovine TB. For the sake of all parties concerned – farmers, cattle, wildlife, and the public interest – I believe it’s time to bury the hatchet, and step away from the conflict. This polarisation has wasted so much energy, time and money – not to mention the lives of thousands of animals. We are already working with the NFU on the badger and cattle vaccination initiative. I’m now putting my own money into starting up the scheme, as are many others, and I believe the most positive first step of a new Minister of the Environment would be to end the squandering of the taxpayer’s money on the current hopeless botch of a badger cull, and invest instead in the BACVI – the first real positive step towards eradication of the disease.

Brian May – Save-Me and Team Badger.

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