Birthday artwork revealed…. and a special anniversary


Belatedly I just found this card from an old friend (who I have never actually met in person) who has for years made wonderful drawings of us (Queen) on our journeys. So I have to share this. It’s one of my greatest joys that what we have done over the years has often inspired other artists. This lady has an incredibly distinctive style, and a great imagination to go with it.

So … thanks Jenn Waitt.

Brian's Birthday Collage by Jenn Waitt

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who sent me such great messages for July 19th, when I became 67 years old. It was a working birthday for me, and the show was a great place to be – especially with the entire Uncasville audience singing to me. Something I will always remember. Off-stage, it was less easy, but that’s the way life can be, for all of us. I wish I could reply personally to everyone, but right now I’m struggling with too much input. I will work my way through ! Tonight, New Jersey .. a big gig in a location which used to be known as Meadowlands. IZOD … East Rutherford, very close to New York City.

The response in these shows has been nothing short of incredible – absolutely the equal of anything that happened in the 1970s and 80s. We feel very loved !

Onwards !

Cheers all