Disconnected touring thoughts


Amidst my chaotic thoughts this morning, my childish fascination with hyperstereos somehow never gets old.

Here’s a random handsome building – which just happened to be in my field of view when I woke up in a Dallas hotel room this morning.

Dallas tower building stereo

Baseline between shots about 20 feet. So it’s a bit extreme – but I find it nicely distracting. Distracting ? Helpfully distracting because on mornings like this I am wrestling with my head – climbing that mountain back up to feeling in control and capable. Because last night in Houston, in front of one of the most wonderful audiences of our entire career, I felt unworthy.

So today I can’t look at the tweets – just need to refocus from inside and get back on the horse. I want those folks who come to rock with us tonight in Dallas to have the time of their lives.

Of course the band is well up to that, with our truly incredible new front man Adam. But I want to be back in this room tonight knowing I gave my total best.

Onwards !!! And I didn’t even begin to tell you about my fabulous day with the Space Travellers !


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