In a rare rare moment of recreation ! from the Empire State Building


Yes, my childish fascination with Hyper Stereos won over again. I have a strange feeling I did exactly this about 30 years ago .. I must go through my old Stereo Realist 35mm slides some day and find it.

But here it is. Baseline about 100 feet … one shot from each end of the viewing platform on the 82nd (?) floor of the glorious Empire State Building.

Looking South towards the new and still unfinished Freedom Tower. The Statue of Liberty visible in the far distance to the right. And in the middle of it all (below and to the left of centre), the wonderful Flat-Iron Building.

From Empire State Building

And just so you can enjoy it in its full splendour, even though its sky-scraping qualities are now dwarfed … here it is in a stereo detail from the same shot.

Flat Iron Bridge