The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery !


Hope I’m not giving too much away ….

But I’m excited to be proofing pictures for our new stereoscopic book, due out next month. It’s called the Poor Man’s Picture Gallery, and for the very first time it explores the links between Victorian stereoscopic photography and Victorian paintings.

Poor Man's Picture Gallery images

As usual, this has been a colossal amount of work, collecting, collating and digitally restoring hundreds of stereo card images. But once again I have had the good fortune to work with one of the worlds finest photographic historians – Denis Pellerin, who has researched all the essential connections with Victorian narrative paintings … which are the whole point of the book. This was actually all his idea. The stereo cards are from my collection – and many of the paintings reside in the Tate.

This subject has never been explored before, and I’ll be fascinated to see what kind of impact the book makes.

We will be mounting an exhibition in the Tate Gallery (now called Tate Britain) this Autumn, where visitors will be able to compare directly the experience of viewing the paintings on the wall, and viewing the cards in a stereoscopic viewer.OK ? More info soon.