Fighting ignorance, fear and cruelty


Helping Aware Australians to fight the persecution of sharks

I am meeting WASC today, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet, first hand, the good souls who are fighting against an ignorant and pernicious WA policy of pre-emptive strikes on Great White Sharks, based on irrational hysteria about shark attacks on humans, and actually promoting the growth of that hysteria, in a similar way to that in which an irrational fear of foxes and badges has been promoted in the UK.

Shark Conservation

Shark conservation

More and more, I am seeing, worldwide, a divide in the character of human beings … between those who understand the vital interdependent link between Man and the rest of Nature, and those who spread the notion that Man is supreme, and the rest of the creatures on Earth have no real feelings and are entitled to no rights. It’s a barbaric view which dovetails neatly into the idea that Man is justified in abusing animals, in the name of food production, experimentation, and, most despicably of all, for ‘sport’.

As that person known as Brian May, my prime focus in that part of my life which remains is to help outlaw and disempower the animal abusers worldwide, and eliminate the unnecessary and unjustifiable suffering of all creatures.

Proud to be meeting Russell Weir this evening – founder of Western Australians for Shark Conservation.