Tonight At Perth Arena


 TONIGHT AT PERTH ARENA Getting close to my Selfie moment tonight at Perth Arena … (thanks Steve Prior).

Perth - Bri close to selfie moment by Steve Prior
Here we go ! Thanks, good people of Perth !!

Bri Audience Selfie No1

Selfie Stick Surprise number 1.

Bri Audience Selfie No2

Number 2 !

Bri Audience Selfie No3
And number 3 of 3. Look how beautiful you are !

Hank Marvin and Bri - Perth

With my hero Hank B Marvin after show.

I’m a person who believes that if a thing is worth doing it’s worth doing right – know what I mean ? Practice !

Bri No Audience - Selfie No4

Ben Elton and Bri - Perth

A sunny memory of Perth – on a boat on the river with my great – and I mean great – pal Ben Elton.