Cameron Skulduggery – and Sunsets

Is Cameron the sneakiest low down Prime Minister ever ? Stop Scottish MP’s voting ? Bare-faced skulduggery. David Cameron’s scandalous and shameful attempt to disable Labour MP’s. Divisive. This will be his epitaph.

Home Rule For England
Home Rule for England

The most shameless attempt ever by a Prime Minister to hold on to power. Cameron must be impeached now. Presumably Cameron will try to stop English MP’s voting on Scottish issues ?! Disgraceful behaviour.


Extract Daily Mail 20 09 2014

Extract Daily Mail 20 09 2014

The Scots vote for unity – now Cameron smashes it up at a stroke to seize more power. Cameron must go.

Cameron - Daily Mail 20 09 2014

Daily Mail 20 Sept 2014

My Mum was a Scot, born and bred. My Dad was a Sassenach! (Or is that a racist term !)

Tenerife Sunset


PS True, I wasn’t clear. Cameron’s barefaced connivance is that he’d never have dared say this BEFORE the Scottish vote. The Scots won’t forget.

Just wanted to share my sunset with yo’all … It’s healing for the Soul.

Tenerife Sunsset