Countryside Alliance – Similar to NRA in the USA


[In reply to letter from Jane – see LETTERS]

Thanks Jane. Totally understood.

The ‘Countryside Alliance’ in this country is very similar [to USA] in its motivation and behaviour to the NRA in the USA. 

Evolving from old blood sports organisations, it gave itself such an innocuous name, and pretended to be all about phone boxes and Internet access ‘in the sticks’, but what it primarily stands for is brutality in the countryside – the barbaric old ways of the privileged class. 

And, like in the USA, it’s supported by powerful old money, the militant end of animal farming, and vested interests … the very things which underlie the power of our present prime minister – and got him elected in the first place. 

It ain’t an easy road. But neither was the abolition of slavery, or the emancipation of women.