‘Brian Talks’ Episode 2 – New Year’s Eve


To my special loyal Pals who read me on Soapbox (and I hope will continue to do so !)

THANKS for supporting the new YouTube venture. The response to the ‘soft launch’ has been amazing so far. Can’t wait to get the new content up there … all those solo BM things that nobody has really seen in a long while. And some LSC talk … and of course Save-Me talk.

But the thing which is most challenging to me is this Brian Talks thing – which, to me, is a big thing. Already it’s inspired me to wake up with words in my head every morning … or maybe it’s the other way round ! But whatever it is … I feel charged with a new passion for speaking the truth in a way which will in turn inspire people out there to sit up and have the same dream … that we CAN, together, make the World a better place for our Grandchildren.

And I don’t mean just talking about it … I mean … making it happen. The seed is now planted … I wanna see a huge Oak Tree of Common Decency grow. That’s my dream for 2015.

Join me ? Well, I think you already did. I thank you from the bottom of my ol’ heart !




BRIAN TALKS #2 – New Years Eve
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Brian Talks
Brian Talks

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