One Voice [about the Japanese T-shirt in video]

One Vision - reverse
One Vision – reverse

[In reply to Masanori & Yumiko about the T-shirt in the One Voice video – SEE LETTERS]…

Ah ! You are very observant, Masanori and Yumiko ! Thanks for writing.

Yes ! I was proud to wear the shirt that Kanako gave to me on the QAL tour.

And yes, we did laterally reverse the shot of me playing the Red Special bass guitar.

But not many people would have noticed that the Kanji character on the shirt was NOT reversed !! 

Kanji symbol

I took special care of this, editing with my friend Grigorij. I was very concerned that we do not reverse this character, knowing (because Kanaoko told me !) that this character means HARMONY. Of course this has a special relevance to the meaning of the song ! So in post-production the character was re-reversed ! So that it reads properly.

There are actually a few other little secrets in this video. I’m waiting for people to notice !

Many thanks to all of you for your kindness on the tour. See you next time !

And love to all our Japanese friends !

Take care