On getting involved in 51 Degrees North Movie


[Asked: Why did you get involved in 51 Degrees North?]

Well I’ll give you the long version if you like. The long version is I got an email and I get an awful lot of emails, saying can you do this, can you do that, and I nearly pressed the button to say “Well I’m too busy” – and then I looked at what it actually was and Grig Richters had sent me a little clip from the film – and I was knocked out because this is a very different kind of disaster movie in a sense it’s a disaster movie where there is no solution. There is no Bruce Willis. And I was really knocked out by the feeling I got for the film, so I looked further and I realised they wanted a soundtrack.

They wanted some music, so I jumped in and I got in touch and I worked actually one to one with Grig in the studio, to do the music for the film. It’s kind of strange music. It’s unusually rudimentary music. It’s not the usual kind of big production that I do, but I think – well, we all think – it worked really well.

The film is very unusual. 51 Degrees North is a film about the end of the world due to an asteroid strike, and as I say, in the film there is no Bruce Willis and I think I probably shouldn’t tell you any more than that.

Brian on getting involved in 51 Degrees North Movie

Dr Brian May on 51 Degrees North involvement

Legendary Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Dr Brian May composed an original soundtrack for the British indie film, 51 Degrees North http://www.51degreesmovie.com In an exclusive interview he reveals why he joined this groundbreaking film project which will be released worldwide on June 30, 2015 (Asteroid Day). You can pre-order the film now and watch a day earlier than everyone else.


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