It’s all in my song – ‘Put Out The Fire’



This organization against guns opened a gun store in NYC to make a point…

Ah thanks. Well, you know my view. Put out the Fire. It’s all in my son

g with this title. On the Hot Space album.

When was that ? 1982. I said … “ People get killed by people. People with guns. ”

Guns to me are one of Man’s saddest ever inventions.

Given the choice, I bring in a zero tolerance law for all firearms. I’d make it a prison offence just to own one, or carry one.

But there is too much money to be made in the business of making weapons. And the makers are able to saturate gullible people with propaganda with the money they make. Persuading them that they need to be able to throw death at a distance. The very idea is, by definition, cowardly, barbaric, senseless. And of course there’s all those sick people who just love to make themselves big and brave by shooting a defenceless animal. So they all club together and perpetuate this savage madness. That’s saddest of all.


Queen – Put Out The Fire (Official Video)