Freddie – Happy Birthday, wherever you are…


Freddie drinking tea - with Brian

Yes, it’s that bittersweet day again.
Freddie would have been astonished in the old days
to know that millions of people still say a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to him
every 5th of September, so many years after he left us.
To all you folks out there celebrating Freddie, and all the treats he left us,
I’ll be picking up a guitar tonight to quietly strum a few of Freddie’s chords,
and I’ll feel grateful for all the fun we had
– and still have in so many ways –
because of the wonderful chance that we met and could create together.
Yes, we miss him.
And that will not change.
But, Dear Freddie … thanks for illuminating all our lives
with your unique brand of sparkling wickedness.
Happy Birthday, wherever you are …

with love