Guitarists !!! Look !!


I’ve been recording new tracks with Kerry Ellis in the studio, and it’s getting very exciting. We have some nice acoustic things going on as well the ‘big stuff’ … so I thought you might be interested to see the great device that Gordon Giltrap has opened my eyes to (apart from designing this model, that is !) All the great inventions are obvious ! You wonder why you didn’t think of it.

OK. This is a nice little 12 string guitar made by Avanti – it’s a joy in itself. But it’s always hard in the studio finding the perfect position for the microphone, and then trying to stay in that spot for a whole take ! Well, this device removes that problem, so you can concentrate on the music ! Love it ! I’m sure it works just as well in the live situation. It’s the Exploraudio Gordon Giltrap Signature G-Clamp !! Yee ha !

Giltrap guitar clamp
Avante 12 string acoustic by Veillette. Giltrap Signature H-clamp. Schoeps CCM4 microphone. Photo by Justin Shirley Smith
Avante 12 string, Giltrap H-clamp Schoeps CC microphone
A Dishevelled Bri deep in thought with the device.

And here’s an unsolicited approval moment !

Kerry approved

Below is some info supplied by Robert Aichison of Exploraudio – so you can chase your own G-Clamp if you want !

Cheers !


H-clamps can be bought from our online shop at and we ship worldwide. Also, contact details for H-clamp dealers (UK and international) are listed on our site at

Other information that might be interesting:

1. The H-clamp was designed and is manufactured and assembled entirely in the UK
2. The designer is a 4th Generation British engineer with a Biochemistry PhD and a lifelong passion for music, audio technology and theoretical physics
3. The H-clamp is also used widely for onstage amplification by acoustic guitarists and is particularly popular with double bass players who rely on mics for live performances
4. Gordon Giltrap was so impressed with the H-clamp that he worked with ExplorAudio to create the Giltrap Signature version (the model Brian has been using), which fits all the instruments Gordon plays, from mandolins, resonators and semi-electric guitars to large jumbo guitars and acoustic basses
5. New versions of the H-clamp (not yet on general release but available by contacting ExplorAudio online) can also be used for clamping mics on guitar amps / cabs and for mounting smartphones, tablet computers and compact audio devices (eg. almost any units weighing less than around 0.5Kg, including small mixers, mic pre-amps, FX units, and speakers) on any standard mic stand
6. ExplorAudio is also developing a range of compact PA equipment based on leading edge speaker and wireless audio technologies