Bomb Bomb Bomb – Bomb Bomb again


Bomb Bomb Bomb – Bomb Bomb again … really ? ? ??


believe going in to bomb indeterminate targets in Syria will be the biggest mistake Britain has ever made.

And I believe that the bringing down of Corbyn would be effectively the death of the Labour Party. I think this is their last chance to be a strong enough opposition to stand a chance of regaining power. They can keep squabbling over what percentage – what piece of the power pie – they get … but in the end, it will be a percentage of nothing. For once, the Labour Party got a leader who speaks the truth. What an opportunity to throw away. What a tragedy. Very sad. I will pray they see sense and support their leader, not because of a whip, or political leverage, but because he is the honest, decent Voice of Reason and the the voice of the majority of decent people, who do NOT want to see a senseless, ill-conceived escalation of violence in the world.

I will also pray that enough Conservatives have the courage NOT to back their leader, who is all set to follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair. Is there ANYBODY who thinks Blair was right to take us to war without sufficient reason, and without a plan to follow the destruction ? Look again at Cameron’s half-baked proposal. Does it ring any bells ? I cannot believe we can be so stupid. Well, I can pray.

Anybody listening ?


THANK YOU Stephen Fry. Brilliantly put. Read this, folks. Tell your MPs STOP IT NOW ! All becomes clear.

Clear case for bombing Syria

“THOSE WHO VOTE with Jeremy Corbyn are TERRORIST SYMPATHISERS” – Cameron. Was there ever a more despicable sentence uttered by a PM

? YES ! Maybe the most urgent need in Britain after we stop this ridiculous bombing (please God): an honest Press.