Victorian Gems – A Magic Christmas Box


Brian May with Victorian Gems

Victorian Gems is a magic box, containing the key to a kind of virtual reality that drove our Victorian ancestors wild.

When you experience it, you’ll understand why ! This 3-D starter kit will give more lasting joy than an X-Box !

Looking through the stereoscope, you will see an astonishingly realistic other world – it’s as if you could reach through the window and touch these subjects.

Once the door of true stereoscopic 3-D viewing is opened up, many people find they are hooked for life.

This package contains an OWL – the 21st century’s most celebrated stereoscopic viewer, plus three sets of beautifully restored original Victorian stereo views …

1) Scenes in Our Village – a glimpse into a feudal village, its inhabitants and their hopes and dreams,

2) Diableries – astounding scenes of mischievous 19th century skeletons and devils with glowing eyes.

3) Poor Man’s Picture Gallery – stereoscopic gems mirroring the greatest paintings of Victorian times.

You’ll also find a booklet explaining the history and theory of stereoscopy, including advice on how to take and view your own 3-D views. The box itself – an OWL Nest – is a perfect permanent housing for your personal collection of stereo views.

With the introduction of the OWL Smart Phone adaptor early next year, this Victorian Gems package will enable you to view the imminent explosion of Virtual Reality material on the Internet.

So take the first step into the exciting world of OWL 3-D – make sure Victorian Gems is in YOUR Christmas stocking !!



Brian May with Victorian Gems