Crinoline and Little OWL


I’m so excited about my new toy. Been working on this design since last October. Hopefully ready by March.

It’s a LITE OWL. A high quality stereo viewer you can always have on you. This is my first factory sample …

Owl Lite

Also excited about THIS ! Our Crinoline books have arrived ! SO Beautiful !

Crinoline package front

Crinoline package - open end

And what’s in the box ? ! Dangerous but beautiful Crinoline … in GLORIOUS 3-D !

Crinoline - spread

Crinoline - spread 2

So ! Who wants one, and what shall we call it ? It’s for 3-D viewing in books, on cards, or even smart phones.

Bri and Owlet

Still playing with my new toy ! What name do you like ?

Denis Pellerin and Owlet

Bri with Lite OWL


PRE-ORDER “CRINOLINE – Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster”
To be published 16 April 2016