Toxic Lead Shot Petition – Chris Packham


Chris Packham and Brian

Chris Packham and Brian Inspiring discussion with great animal advocate Chris Packham today.

This is a man you can believe in.

Chris Packham wrote:

Can I ask @WWTworldwide if you have suggested that your members sign this petition to ban lead shot ?

WHAT ? Toxic lead shot still being sprayed all over the countryside ? Unbelievable. SIGN petition please and please share.

Ban toxic lead ammunition
Lead is a poison. Its continued use in ammunition poisons tens of thousands of birds each year and puts human health at risk. Safe, non-toxic ammunition is used in countries across the world. The UK supports an international agreement to ban lead ammunition. We should ban its use immediately.

Petition passes 10,000 signatures ! Help us reach 100,000 – lead shot is poisoning us all. STOP IT !