Time to…… Roll With You !!!


Well, it’s the eve of our Ellis-May tour around Italy and Eastern parts of Europe. Very exciting.

It’s amazing at my ripe ol’ age to be playing for the first time in far-flung exotic cities I’ve never dreamed of visiting.

My touring buddy Kerry Ellis will be on hand to supply scintillating vocals and I will be putting various guitars (including a couple of newcomers) to good use.

We have quite a few new surprises … which we plan to gradually unveil as we go.

But the kick-off surprise is a new track which we’re rush-releasing for the tour.

It’s called ‘Roll With You’ and … we think it rocks.

We’ve already had complaints from our friends that it’s way too catchy and traps the mind into a loop of OMR (Obsessive Mental Riffing).

So … in the next couple of days we’ll be putting it up electronically (sounds so technical?) – so you will be able to access it too.

OK … here it is !!! (Visually!)



Roll With You

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