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Why do scenes like this put me in mind of the Klu Klux Clan ?

Gives me an ugly shudder !

Fitzwilliam Hunt faces possible £20,000 fine over dead fox 4
January 2016

Hunters with pack of dogs

Save-Me wrote:
Fitzwillaim should be ashamed . It’s immoral and illegal to savage a fox with a pack of dogs.

Wow – sure sounds like we’re becoming a Police State. Does nobody notice ? How independent is the Independent ?

14 February 2016

Independent front page 14 Feb 2016

You’d think it would be a no-brainer … but in the regime we live under ….

Hugh Warwick wrote:
The SUNDAY TIMES News promotes Hedgehog Street today [14 Feb] and Oliver Colvile petition. LINK TO PETITION

Sunday Times Hedgehog article

This made me laugh !!! Good idea ! ha ha


Sixth Form Issues wrote:
For lent I’m just giving up