Mrs Henderson [Yorkshire School of Performing Arts]


Bri with Mrs Henderson Band
Bri with Mrs Henderson Band – pic Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon wrote:
We had Rock Royalty with us tonight! Thank you Brian May & Anita Dobson for your kind words! Mrs Henderson UK Band

Bless ya Mike. Wonderful show. Thanks for having us, and hats off to all.

Rhianon Chesterman wrote:
Amazing audience tonight at Mrs Henderson. Anita Dobson was wolf-whistling at the end & Brian May started the standing ovation.

We loved the show, Rhiannon. You guys are courageous and brilliant. Also it’s deeply moving. Huge Respects.

Just stumbled on this brilliant interview. Everyone should see it this Easter.

FABULOUS job in the show, Emma.

Emma Williams on Mrs Henderson Presents

Emma Williams wrote:‏
Amazing to have Brian May and fellow patron of Stage 84 [Yorkshire School of Performing Arts] Anita Dobson in at Mrs Henderson tonight!
Hope you had fun! Xx

Congratulations to you all. You guys deserve medals, never mind Oliviers !

Bri X