One Voice – A dog named Gucci [message]


Hi Folks

This is Brian May.

‘One Voice’ is a great song written by Ruth Moody. It speaks of the fact that all of our voices can make a difference. Just one voice can make a difference in the world and we need to do that.

The song brought me into a project which I have been very proud to participate in – a wonderful movie about the intolerable cruelty to animals epitomized by this one act and actually millions of acts to which a blind eye gets turned.

Please folks, watch this film… Spread the word and on April 16th ‘One Voice’ will be available in record stores. It actually prompted me to make a version of it as well, so if you look on youtube for Brian May and Kerry Ellis, you’ll see us also telling you one voice can make a difference.”

Brian May - One Voice - A Dog Named Gucci

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“ONE VOICE” promo video with Brian May (for the film “A DOG NAMED GUCCI”)