Cologne – Singing in the Rain


Bri in Rain

Danke schön lovely Leute von Köln !! You endured torrential rain to be with us and gave us all your energy !

Cologne - lovely lovely people
Photo credit: Jon Baish

Hats off Kölle !!! You were great !!!

Cologne - hats off
Photo credit: unknown

Bri in hat by Jon Baish
Photo credit: Jon Baish

I’m liking the photos from tonight – thanks – you were all WORTH IT !

Cologne - singing in the rain
Photo credit: unknown

Singin’ in the Rain in Cologne ! Did anybody notice my Beethoven ? That was only for you Cologne !

I like this one from Cologne … thanks. Rain ? What rain ?!!

Cologne in rain
Photo credit: unknown

Thank you and good night Cologne !

Cologne - thank you and good night
Photo credit: unknown