Red OWLS Are Here !!!


Our RED OWL VR kits are now almost ready to fly !!

Finally, finally, they are being assembled by skilled gnomes in the LSC catacombs, and will soon be winging their way out to fulfil the first orders.

Can’t tell you how excited this makes me ! I hope all of you who have supported us in this project will enjoy this first foray into the World of Virtual Reality, and, of course (perhaps even more important in the long run), good old-fashioned Victorian Stereoscopy using the up-to-the-minute medium of YOUR latest smartphone ! This fabulous still life shows the components ready for assembly … and of course it’s the great Denis Pellerin who is making this happen, while I’m lounging about in Eastern Europe ! (actually working my fingers to the bone!)

Red Owl VR kits

Enjoy, Folks ! And if you’ve not yet decided to plunge in, but feel a curious pull, order now, and be a part of our first run !!

All is revealed at

Cheers !