This is how we watch concerts now !!!


My friend Terry Brisco is someone who takes a lot of trouble photographing our shows in 3-D. So I like to try to do the shots justice. This one has yielded a good result, I think. He uses a Fuji W3 digital stereo camera, but he leaves the mounting to me … which suits me fine. I do it in Photoshop, using my self-made template. By the way, if anyone out there wants to adopt my template and use it to mount your own 3-D views, I’m more than happy, … I’ll send a copy to you if you write to the Soapbox E-mail address.

For this view, I did some work on the textures … bringing up the shadowy detail in the foreground, and I love the fact that you can see all the images on the back of all those mobile phones !! All with different compositions – different interpretations of the scene they are (not) watching !

Funny … That’s the way people watch concerts these days. I actually LOVE this stereo!! Try it on an OWL, printed out, normal stereo card size. This is QUEEN, or ‘what remains of Queen’, as Roger puts it, in 2016 ! It’s been a long road since 1970 !

Concert stereo by T Brisco

Now, for those who are interested in the technical 3-D stuff …

Recently I’ve been setting up the mounting of the left and right images using my ‘BIG Square’ matte (which is one of the frames which is available in the template) (it’s a multilayered .psd file) … but making sure I only cut the elements to the full height and width of the ‘card’. So then I can take the square matte OFF, and I get something, sometimes, which increases the ‘immersiveness’ of the card, I think. It means the stereo window doesn’t exist any more … and the images bleed off the edge of the card all round. But the convergence is still OK because it was set up using the matte and the guide spots … so it’s comfortable to view.

What do you think ?

I also cheat a bit in the middle sometimes, like I’ve done here, by blending the colours across, so there isn’t a hard line in the centre of the card … which improves the feeling of an ‘unbounded universe’, I think.

Always looking for that extra bit of ‘virtual reality’ … More about that very soon !!

Cheers all


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