Bri reads Kahlil Gibran


I was a little reticent to publish this picture – and wondered if the photographer would have his head cut off if I did. Well, he has since left the country, for parts unknown, so it seems like it may be OK. This was a such a wonderful setting for a christening, an exquisitely decorated chapel hidden in the heart of the Houses of Parliament. The reading ? ‘On Children’ – which I shared in an earlier Soapbox entry. Something I keep in mind.


EDITORIAL NOTE: As previously posted, Christening took place chapel of St Mary Undercroft – in the Palace of Westminster, London, 23 July 2016.

Nicholas Soames, ?, Tracey Crouch, baby Freddie, Steve Ladner, ?, Pat Marsh, Anita Dobson, Brian May Courtesy of Ladders

Brian selfie with Nicholas Soames and Anita
Brian May, Nicholas Soames, Anita Dobson Courtesy of Ladders