Destination: Guajara


An adventure ! A road I know and love – to Las Canadas in Tenerife. Destination : GUAJARA ! 

Road to Guajara

The magnificent father of this Landscape – El Teide. But this is not our destination today. We are seeking the path of Charles Piazzi Smyth – in 1856.

Teide landscape

Me and El Teide.

Bri and El Teide

And now – Mt GUAJARA ! Where Piazzi first tested Isaac Newton’s prediction that astronomical observations would be much improved by going high up above most of Earth’s pesky atmosphere.

Mt Guajara

From the Parador hotel – Mount Guajare.

Mt Guajara from Paarador Hotel

To the left, El Teide, to the right, Mount Guajara which we will now climb!

El Teide and Mt Guajara

Tourist Bri and Mt Guajara. Ready to roll.

Tourist Bri and Mt Guajara

The Guajara team !

Guajara team

The start of the trail Guajara.

Start of the trail - Guajara

On the Guajara trail (in jeep!)

On the Guajara trail

And now on foot – not so easy !

Guajara trail - now on foot

And then we are in Heaven ! At Sunset …

In Heaven at Sunset

And even more beautiful – the shadows of Teide and Guajara.

Shadows of Teide and Guajara