Press Release on our Starmus Presentation


Brian May - Starmus Presentation

“Here’s the press release on our STARMUS presentation :

just in case you missed it …


Brian May has landed in the Canary Islands to participate in the third STARMUS festival. The festival celebrates Astronomy and Music, and May, a founder member of the STARMUS board, brings his talents to both. This time he has introduced new devices to the stereoscopic world including his latest creation, the Owl Virtual Reality Kit (based on the highly successful OWL 3-D viewer) and a new pocket version of the viewer, the LITE OWL. In addition, May, with the help of his London Stereoscopic Company colleagues, presented a special 12-minute stereoscopic journey into space, entitled “Horizons”. This 3-D experience was offered not on a screen, but as an intimate one-to-one app on smartphones, viewed in 3-D in OWL VR kits, and enjoyed by over 1,000 attendees at the festival. The soundtrack is a solo guitar piece which Brian recorded on tour with Kerry Ellis in Zlin, Czech Republic.

This year’s STARMUS festival is a tribute to Stephen Hawking, and Brian has dedicated his mesmerising 3-D film to Hawking.