Virtual Reality Kit


Signed VR Kit

This OWL VR kit is now available (though only signed if you’re a competition winner!)

This is the best way, in my humble opinion, to enjoy the vast and limitless world of 3-D, Stereoscopy and Virtual Reality. I dreamed for half my life of inventing a viewer which would bring the thrill of 3-D to my friends. This is IT ! It’s the easiest way EVER to turn your smart phone into a stereoscopic medium. It will view any classic stereo card or slide from the last 150 years to maximum quality. It will view side-by-side stereos in books or magazines, including our own LSC publications. Used in conjunction with the 3D Camera app it will give you instant 3-D pictures of your friends or loved ones – or a memory of a favourite landscape which is 100 times more evocative than a flat photo. AND … It opens the door to the new world of 360 Virtual Reality – including the Queen and Adam Lambert Barcelona experience which we’re working on right now, including the soon to be released Google Bo Rhap VR clip on which we are enjoying collaborating with those whiz-kids from Google right now. Including, perhaps, my Astro short 3-D film which about 1,000 folks saw at Starmus this year.