A lovely and appropriate birthday present


Badger milk jug

A lovely and appropriate birthday present – this chap seems to be a milk jug – thanks Greg.

Of course, for those of you who haven’t heard about this, our ancient English families of badgers are being deliberately destroyed by our Government, based on a belief in the farming community that badgers are responsible for the current situation in cattle farming, in which, in some areas, the pernicious disease of bovine tuberculosis is spreading out of control. The badger stands accused of being to blame.

Aside from our belief that, even if this were the case, the killing of our wildlife would be ethically unacceptable, there is a huge accumulation of scientific evidence indicating that the disease can only be eradicated by action inside the herds of cattle themselves, and that a policy of culling badgers cannot help, and may make matters even worse for farmers.

Nevertheless, the present government is pushing on with the killing of thousands of mostly healthy badgers across the country. They don’t even do post-mortems on the badgers to see if they are carrying the disease, probably because this would expose the fact that their policy is ridiculous and wasteful.

The Government’s own appointed expert monitoring panel reported that not only was the cull ineffective but also inhumane, many badgers taking many hours to die. The Government’s response was to sack the panel and proceed with their reckless war on wildlife. The whole thing is shameful, and one day the full horror and folly of it will be general knowledge. In the meantime we continue to fight to save the badgers from needless persecution. If you’d like to help, please visit Save-me.org.uk



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