Kerry with GayaGeum

This is actually a picture of Ms Kerry Ellis trying to hide behind a musical instrument !! I was given this lovely thing – a half scale version of the Korean GayaGeum, when we were in Seoul on tour – a treasure – by the lovely people at Universal Korea. This is the first time I’ve used it on record – on a track Kerry and I are recording at my studio. It makes a lovely evocative sound rather like the Toy Koto I used many years ago on The Prophet’s Song on the Queen album A Night at the Opera. But this instrument has a deeper sound.

If you journey back on Bri’s Soapbox you can see some close-up and even stereo pictures of this lovely instrument !

Brian with GayaGeum

Sadly our sessions come to a close for the time being on Wednesday – because both Ms Ellis and I have rehearsals coming up. Me for our upcoming Queen and Adam outing to Asia – and Kerry for the “Murder Ballad” show which she’ll be opening in the Arts Theatre next month. But we’ll still be working on finishing the tracks in the background – some final overdubs and mixing. We have a goodly 13 songs now – having been able to be selective in the process. I love it – I think it’s way more fun and at the same time more grown-up than anything we’ve done before. Like Anthems I, it has a whole spectrum of moods. Can’t wait to try some of the new material on stage.

Til soon